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An environment that promotes INNOVATION and INTEGRITY, requiring you to WORK SMART to produce high QUALITY results.

At Bewsys our purpose is to use technology as a transformation tool to advance sustainable development. For us, creating better world systems begins within. For this reason, we prioritize the sustainable development goals  in our operations and human resource policies. In our mission to transform lives and impact organisations, we have an inherent commitment to also impact and transform the lives of the people we work with. In our operations, we are committed to advancing gender equality (SDG 5), reducing inequalities (SDG 10), and creating decent work and economic growth (SDG 8) for people  in developing countries. 

As a sustainable company we are committed to advancing gender equality (SDG 5) and reducing inequalities (SDG 10) in the technology industry. We prioritise gender representation, equality and inclusion. We value diversity and inclusion in our workforce. This is at the heart of our priority to develop gender-sensitive and inclusive work policies that ensure that everyone at Bewsys has equal opportunities and a fulfilling work experience.  

In advancing SDG 6 on decent work and economic growth, we are committed to providing full and productive employment, decent work, and professional learning and growth opportunities for people in local communities where we operate. We are an advocate for providing opportunities for young talents in developing economies to transition to full-time employment after completing their education. We are committed to recruiting local talents in developing regions where we operate to create a sustainable social impact through technology.  

At Bewsys we are a family that cares. We care about making the world a better place. We also care about making a difference in the lives of the people we collaborate with in our mission.


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As an employee, I can testify that Bewsys Limited is an ideal workplace that allows you to grow individually and in a team. Working with Bewsys has enlightened me on the little things that matter for high productivity.

Amiineh Tabbicca
Research Executive
sustainability management software

I believe there is no feeling quite like making a positive impact in someone’s life, and that is what Bewsys give me every day in the software solutions I contribute to developing. This, coupled with the company’s belief in personal growth and colleagues who push you to be the best version of yourself, makes my experience at Bewsys challenging but yet worthwhile. Bewsys has given me a space to grow my professional aspirations and improve myself as a human being with the company’s ethos in sustainable development. For this, I am truly grateful.

Emmanuel Nunoo
Software Engineer
mis software application

Working at Bewsys was an amazing experience! The team is incredible - I felt like I was supported to learn and grow, and given a lot of responsibility up front. Beyond how committed Bewsys is to its mission and truly providing high value to its clients, I loved how much Bewsys felt like a family. Bewsys is a truly wonderful place to work!

Stephanie Ahn
Stanford Seed Graduate Intern - 2020

Working with Bewsys has been a novel experience. I have been challenged and inspired to become a better version of myself. The learning curve has been steep, but with the encouragement and the support system at the organization, I have scaled hurdles that have made me grow and become better at what I do here. I love what Bewsys stands for, and I am glad to be a part of it.

Anita Hammond
Human Resources Executive - Learning & Growth
sustainability data management software

Working to build scalable and impactful software is what I look forward to each day. It's always exciting to work with great talents at Bewsys towards the common goal of making the world a better place.

Kwabena Adu-Darkwa
Compliance Executive
sustainability management software

I joined Bewsys after my national service with minimal experience in human resource & administration. Working with Bewsys for a little over two years, my experience has drastically heightened. I have improved in my area of work/study, but I have become more versatile, and I can work in other capacities. I have also benefitted from a sponsorship to further my education and many more training and development opportunities while working closely with senior management.

Lisa Attoh
Executive Assistant to the CEO
sustainability tracking software

Working with Bewsys has been a journey of learning. As a systems analyst, Bewsys has given me the opportunity to work with international development organisations knowing that the products we develop will go a long way to impact someone’s life and society at large. In addition, the environment in the department I work in enables staff to have open discussions on various topics and processes in the software industry and how best we grow individually and as a department. The ability to work remotely also gives an added advantage.

Josephine Abbey
Systems Analyst
mis software

Working with Bewsys has been an incredible journey so far. Bewsys gave me an opportunity as a graduate with little or no experience in the corporate environment. Since I joined the firm, I have grown and evolved as a person and in my career. I work with amazing people; who always challenge me to be a better version of myself. Being in Bewsys makes me feel I am part of a family set out to achieve great things. This speaks to the great culture in Bewsys. Internal mobility is great in Bewsys.

Foster Nyarko
Proposal Development Executive
sustainability management software

Working at Bewsys, a company that prioritises its employees' growth, has ensured that I constantly find new things to learn and improve upon myself. I am also given adequate support to manage my time effectively, be productive, and grow in my career.

Nana Aba Edzie
Systems Analyst
sustainability software

The best decision I ever made in my career life was choosing to work for Bewsys because I see myself growing every single day I get to work. My journey at Bewsys has been a learning process, and I'm glad Bewsys keeps encouraging staff learning especially through sustainable development massive open online courses.

Racheal Appiah
Account Executive
sustainability management solutions

Bewsys has been my second family since I joined the company in September 2019. We are team-driven, we operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory, and each staff member is respected, and their respective contribution is considered important. The company has been a great enabler towards offering new learning opportunities and strengthening my inherent skill sets. With its rich and diverse organisational culture, Bewsys has provided me a rich professional experience that I do not take for granted.

Pauline Owino
Systems Analyst
sustainability reporting software

Bewsys is an awesome place to begin a career. There is a lot of room to explore and take on new challenges. I enjoy the leader-leader working style and the learning and growth policies for career development. It is an environment that challenges and enables you to internalise the mission. I love working at Bewsys and I love the impact we are making in the lives of people globally for sustainable development.

Harriet Mate-Kole
Marketing Manager
management information system for social protection

Bewsys is a wonderful and really welcoming group. I am so glad we got to meet in person and loved the hospitality shows. I also really enjoyed the project that I worked on and the flexibility in time for meeting.

Aishwarya Venkatramani
Graduating Intern

The team was super kind and particularly understanding of the difficulties that remote work entailed. Strongly recommended!

Omar Vasquez D.
Graduating Intern

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have missed a deadline for a vacant position. Can I still apply?

The Bewsys applicant tracking system does not accept applications once the deadline elapses. Positions may be considered as vacant if applicants are not successful in the recruitment process and no one candidate was successful for the role. Such vacancies will be activated in the applicant tracking system and interested candidates can apply for the role.

Are hard copy applications accepted?

No. Applicants are encouraged to look up for vacant positions at the Bewsys applicant tracking system and apply accordingly. Shortlisting and the entire recruitment process is only done via the Bewsys applicant tracking system.

I am a fresh graduate or still in school. Can I get some training through an internship or job shadowing?

Yes, Bewsys encourages students to learn on the job. Hence we accept applications for internship and job shadowing for interested candidates, during academic vacation periods.

Is the internship paid for?

We do not have a salary package for internship and job shadowing programs, but some stipends are given to cushion such a group of persons.

What vacancies do you usually recruit for?

As an IT firm, the mainstream of skills needed are the software engineers, systems analyst, and proposal development specialists. However, there is also the need for other supporting roles, such as sales and marketing as well as the research and development personnel who are recruited from time to time. Click here to find out about current opportunities.

I accepted an offer just before receiving an offer from Bewsys. Can I reapply in the future?

Yes, Bewsys is always ready to recruit skilled and talented individuals who are inspired to join the team.