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Knowledge management portal for the Inle lake authority in Myanmar

UNDP / Myanmar - Constructing a web-based knowledge management portal to strengthen the governance of the Inle Lake Management Authority by its key stakeholders

SDG 6 - Clean Water & Sanitation
SDG 13 - Climate Action
SDG 14 - Life Below Water
SDG 17 - Partnerships For The Goals

Project Detail


With the need to manage environmental degradation, natural disasters, and the effect of climate change, the Government of Myanmar in partnership with UNDP, sought to restore the environmental stability of Inle lake and improve the quality of life of local communities through the implementation of environmental conservation. The Inle Lake is a freshwater lake in Myanmar, a country located in Southeast Asia.

The Inle Lake is known for its renowned economic, traditional and cultural value which have made it a lucrative tourist site for Myanmar’s tourism industry. In 2015, the Government of Myanmar launched the Inle Lake Conservation 5-Year Action Plan (2015-2020) to focus on biodiversity conservation, and support the active participation of local communities and key stakeholders in the development of the Inle Lake.

Despite the launch of the Governance for Resilience and Sustainability Project (GRSP) to develop and conserve the lake, there were limitations in coordinating the different stakeholders (i.e. government, non-governmental organisations, and local communities) to support the implementation of the conservation plan. 


To strengthen the governance of the Inle Lake Management Authority in rallying the key stakeholders to promote inclusive, resilient, and sustainable development, a monitoring system and database with scientific information about the lake was required. The objective was to develop transparency and efficiency in information sharing for stakeholder collaboration to implement the conservation plan. Considering this, UNDP Myanmar contracted Bewsys to create a website for Inle Lake Management Authority (ILMA) to aid in disseminating information to the public effectively and promptly.

This website provided a platform for the public to access the socio-economic database of the Inle Lake region. In scoping the requirements for this task, the Bewsys consulting team interacted with the implementing partners to gather inputs on the project, guidelines for visual products, and the relevant content for the design and development of the website. The website was designed based on the monitoring and evaluation, report generation, document library module, and system administration modules of the Bewsys Regulatory MIS. The website was designed to feature the socio-economic database for ILMA, which was then under development by the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID).

Interactive maps were also featured on the website using the maps provided by the MIID technical team. In designing and developing the website, the Bewsys technical team considered easy and autonomous management of the website by the ILMA team.

To ensure inclusivity in the management of the lake, the website was designed to support two languages: English and Burmese. In collaborating with the technical team of MIID and ILMA, a pilot on the website was conducted to guarantee the functionality of the application.


The website is helping to manage stakeholders in reversing environmental degradation and promoting the sustainable development of the lake. Additionally, data on the ecosystem of the lake aids in monitoring the progress of the 5-year conservation plan of the lake. With efficient information management, the Government of Myanmar can sustainably manage the Inle Lake while contributing to the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), specifically clean water and sanitation, climate action, life below water, and partnership for the goals. 

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