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World Youth Skills Day

July 15, 2021
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In a world hit by a global catastrophe caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the youth have faced a fair amount of economic and social pressure. Teaching and learning were suspended worldwide due to the pandemic. Rising unemployment, pressure on existing amenities, and the rising cost of living are dire effects of the unpredictable and ongoing pandemic. This makes it difficult for the youth to find and create employment opportunities.

As today marks World Youth Day, we raise awareness about the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship. This year's theme is 'Reimagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic'. The pandemic has taken longer than expected. Though vaccinations offer hope, variations of the virus consistently overwhelm the health infrastructure of developing economies.

Recovering from the disruption of education will require conscious effort from government and development partners. Technology has been tested and proven as a tool to hasten transformational change and bridge the gap of economic and social inequality. There is an increasing need to widen access to online education and incentivise learning for students. Digital education and skills training must be at the core of technical and vocational education.

Initiatives like the development of the Government of Ghana's Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), must be replicated in different forms to enhance youth skill development and create employment opportunities. The initiative involves a web-based registration and recruitment portal to engage graduate trainees temporarily through training programs across agriculture, health services, accounting, finance, STEM education, among others. The graduates gained the opportunity to develop their skills, work readiness, and continued professional development. Read about Bewsys involvement and contribution to the development and implementation of this initiative

With the use of technology, stakeholders can easily collaborate to scale up skills development among the youth and support the urgent need for economic recovery and transformation for sustainable development.