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Social Protection Management Information System

We provide a comprehensive social protection management information system to support information management and project management in humanitarian, governmental, and corporate social responsibility projects aimed at providing vulnerable individuals/communities with inclusive access to monetary and non-monetary social protection and welfare services. The Bewsys Social Protection MIS enables organizations to profile, target, support, and monitor program beneficiaries efficiently and easily, during routine social services and emergencies. The Social Protection MIS currently has a customizable Registration Module, Payment Module, Case Management Module, Complaint and Grievances Module, System Administration Module, and Report Generation Module.

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Educational Management Information Systems
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Bewsys’ e-governance management information system enables information sharing and collaboration for regulatory compliance, collaboration, and standardization. Our robust e-Governance MIS integrates systems to empower national, regional, and global organizations to oversee regulatory compliance with efficient data management capacity and business process consistency. The e-Governance MIS primarily has nine modules that can be customized to suit a range of industry and regulatory requirements and processes. The existing modules in the Bewsys e-Governance MIS package are the Registration Module, Finance Module, Monitoring and Evaluation Module, Case Management Module, Complaint and Grievances Module, Document Library Module, Reporting Module, and User Administration Module.

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Agriculture Management Information System

The Bewsys Agriculture MIS is a cloud-based solution that enables farmers, agronomists, policymakers, and project managers to track and manage agricultural activities digitally and cost-efficiently. The Agriculture MIS is focused on providing real-time insights for collaboration, sharing information, and resource allocation. The Bewsys Agriculture MIS is custom-built upon five core system modules designed to assist various tasks ranging from operational planning, implementation and documentation, and assessment of fieldwork. We understand that agricultural conditions vary by physical, social, and cultural factors, so we prioritize customization to ensure that the solution delivers the desired value and impact to stakeholders. The Agriculture MIS is built primarily on the Yield Monitoring Module, Field Monitoring Module, Integrated Content Management Module, Reporting Module, and System Administration Module.

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Agriculture and Farm Management Information Systems

Education Management Information System

The Bewsys Education MIS is a robust system for the collection, integration, processing, maintenance, and dissemination of data to support decision-making, planning, monitoring, and management at all levels of an education system. Our Education MIS monitors the performance of education programs offered by institutions and manages the allocation of educational resources. The Bewsys Education MIS is flexible and custom-built to provide results-based planning, implementation, and monitoring of education programs, enabling delivery of high-quality education in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Bewsys Education MIS currently comprises a Student Registry Module, Admissions Processing Module, Student Information Management Module, E-learning Module, Library Repository, Integrated Content Management Module, System Administration Module, and Monitoring and Evaluation Module.

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