Agriculture Management Information System

The Bewsys Agriculture MIS is a cloud-based software that enables farmers, agronomists, policymakers, and project managers to track and manage agricultural activities digitally and cost-efficiently. The Agriculture MIS is focused on providing real-time insights for collaboration, sharing information, and allocating resources.

The Bewsys Agriculture MIS is custom-built upon five core system modules designed to assist various tasks ranging from operational planning, implementation, and documentation for the assessment of performed fieldwork. We understand that agricultural conditions vary by physical, social, and cultural factors, and as such, we prioritize customization to ensure that the solution delivers the desired value and impact to stakeholders. The A-MIS is built on the Yield Monitoring Module primarily, Field Monitoring Module, Integrated Content Management Module, Reporting Module, and System Administration Module.

With experience as a technical consultant in developing web and mobile applications for organizations such as UNDP, USAID, FAO, Proforest, and AFAAS, we understand the primary system requirements needed to collaborate and share information with farmers, agronomists, policymakers, and project managers effectively.

In deploying the solution, our service kicks off with a complimentary IT advisory service where our technical team analyses and defines the scope and system requirements before the customization and deployment of the Bewsys Agriculture MIS to ensure that our systems meet the prevailing physical, social and cultural factors in the region. With a technical team of business process analysts and local agricultural policy specialists, we collaboratively define the scope, custom system requirements, and roadmap to implement the Agriculture MIS to suit stakeholder needs.

We also prioritize knowledge transfer in our product development processes, and, as such, undertake a comprehensive user training program and solution piloting services where we hand-hold our clients to transition and integrate the Agriculture MIS in their operations smoothly.

The Agriculture MIS also comes with up to 12 months warranty for system maintenance and support services.

Modules of the Bewsys Agriculture MIS

Report Generation Module

System Administration Module

Integrated Content Management Module

Field Management Module

Yield Monitoring Module

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