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The Bewsys Education MIS is a robust system for the collection, integration, processing, maintenance, and dissemination of data to support decision-making, planning, monitoring, and management at all levels of an education system. Our Education MIS is specially customized to monitor the performance of education programs offered by institutions and manage the allocation of educational resources.

With our flexible and intuitive user interfaces, the Education MIS reduces the workload on educators and students by providing quick and easy access to student information and educational resources. The Education MIS also supports e-learning by; providing educators and students with simple online, offline, and mobile tools to capture, access, and share timely information. With the robust monitoring and evaluation tools, the solution supports end-to-end performance assessments by tracking both educator and student progress.

The Bewsys Education MIS is flexible and custom-built to provide results-based planning, implementation, and monitoring of education programs, enabling delivery of high-quality education in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Education MIS comprises a Student Registry Module, Admissions Processing Module, Student Information Management Module, E-learning Module, Library Repository, Integrated Content Management Module, System Administration Module, and Monitoring and Evaluation Module.

With over a decade’s experience as a technical service provider for educational institutions in Africa, we understand the primary system requirements needed to sustain education systems and deliver quality education. As educational institutions handle large volumes of data and function primarily on information sharing, our Education MIS has efficient bandwidth optimization to run optimally on low bandwidth networks. With both online and offline modes, internet connectivity challenges do not adversely hinder collaboration and data synchronization. Our Education MIS is designed on open-source platforms that support the integration of plug-ins and ensures that institutions can undertake future modifications, upgrades, and system integrations cost-effectively and flexibly.

In delivering the Bewsys Education MIS, our technical team of business process analysts and education system management specialists provides a complimentary IT advisory service to understand the education system of institutions fully, and our Education MIS will support that. This ensures that the system is adequately customized to suit the needs of the institution, educators, students, and stakeholders.

We also prioritize knowledge transfer in our product development processes and undertake well-designed and comprehensive user training programs and solution piloting services where we hand-hold our clients to transition smoothly and integrate the Education MIS in their operations.

The Bewsys Education MIS also comes with up to 12 months warranty for system maintenance and support services.

Modules of the Education MIS

Monitoring and Evaluation Module

Report Generation Module

System Administration Module

Integrated Content Management Module

Library Repository

E-Learning Module

Student Information Management Module

Admissions Processing Module

Student Registry Module

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