Regulatory Management Information Systems

Bewsys’ regulatory management information systems enables information sharing and collaboration for regulatory compliance among humanitarian, regional, and governmental organizations. We designed the system to integrate multiple systems to enable national, regional, and global regulatory organizations to foster regulatory compliance with efficient data management capacity and business process consistency.

Our robust and integrated Regulatory MIS allows regulatory authorities to streamline end-to-end regulatory functions for efficient collaboration and standardization. The system is aimed at increasing national, regional, and global collaboration, standardization, and communication primarily between functions and affiliates which share common authoritative regulatory requirements, processes, or sources.

The Regulatory MIS primarily has eight base modules that can be customized to suit the industry and regulatory requirements and processes of regulatory authorities and organizations. The existing modules in the Bewsys Regulatory MIS package are the Registration Module, Finance Module, Monitoring and Evaluation Module, Case Management Module, Complaint and Grievances Module, Document Library Module, Reporting Module, and User Administration Module, and Integrated Content Management Module.

With over a decade’s experience as a technical consultant for regulatory management information systems for health, finance, agricultural, and migration services, we understand the primary system requirements needed for effective collaboration and information sharing among national, regional, and global regulatory authorities.

In deploying the solution, our service kicks off with a complimentary IT advisory service where our technical team analyses and defines the scope and system requirements before the customization and deployment of the Bewsys Regulatory MIS to ensure that the system meets the regulatory requirements and prevailing situations in the regulatory jurisdiction. Through the complementary IT consulting service, we gain an understanding of our client’s current situation, develop the custom system requirements, and a roadmap to implement the Regulatory MIS.

We also prioritize knowledge transfer in our product development processes and, as such, undertake a comprehensive user training program and solution piloting services where we hand-hold our clients to transition and integrate the R-MIS in their operations smoothly.

The Regulatory MIS also comes with up to 12 months warranty for system maintenance and support services.

Modules of the Regulatory MIS

Integrated Content Management Module

System Administration Module

Report Generation Module

Document Library Module

Complaint and Grievances Module

Case Management Module

Monitoring and Evaluation Module

Finance Module

Registration Module

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