Social Protection Management Information System

We provide a comprehensive social protection management information system to support project management in humanitarian, governmental, and corporate social responsibility projects aimed at providing vulnerable individuals/communities with inclusive access to monetary and non-monetary social protection and welfare services. The Bewsys Social Protection MIS enables organizations to efficiently and easily profile, target, support, access, and monitor program beneficiaries during routine social services and emergencies.

The Social Protection MIS currently has a Registration Module, Payment Module, Case Management Module, Complaint and Grievances Module, System Administration Module, and Report Generation Module. These modules serve as the basic features of the Social Protection MIS that can be customized to fit the requirements of the social protection and social welfare projects run by humanitarian agencies, government agencies, and CSR teams of corporations.

With over 10 years of experience as a technical partner for government agencies and humanitarian organizations such as the UNDP and UNICEF in social protection projects across developing countries in Africa and Southaast Asia, we understand the primary system requirements needed to run and sustain social protection smoothly projects while delivering a life-changing impact on program beneficiaries.

Understanding that programmatic teams have limited technical skills, our Social Protection MIS has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface for a seamless user experience. Considering remote communities where programmatic teams operate, our Social Protection MIS runs offline and online smoothly, ensuring that data is securely stored and synched at all times. The Social Protection MIS has efficient bandwidth optimization to run optimally on low bandwidth networks.

In deploying the solution, our service kicks off with a complimentary IT advisory service where our technical team analyses and defines the scope and system requirements of the social protection or welfare program to ensure that the Social Protection MIS is customized adequately to address the needs of the programmatic team and beneficiaries.

We also prioritize knowledge transfer in our product development processes and, as such, undertake a comprehensive user training program and solution piloting services where we hand-hold our clients to transition and integrate the Social Protection MIS in their operations smoothly.

The Social Protection MIS also comes with up to 12 months warranty for system maintenance and support services.

Modules of the Social Protection MIS

Report Generation Module

System Administration Module

Complaint and Grievances Module

Case Management Module

Payment Module

Registration Module

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