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Over a decade serving global humanitarian and development programmes

Better World Systems (Bewsys) is an information communication technology consulting organization specializing in developing management information systems for humanitarian programs, government agencies, and organizations that advance sustainable development goals.

Our services include IT Consulting/Technical Assistance, Mobile and Web Application Development to support initiatives that emphasize sustainable development goals.

Our solutions portfolio currently comprises custom social protection, regulatory, agriculture and  education management information systems.

Our mission is to work with inspired people to deliver life-changing software solutions that sustainably enrich lives and transform organizations.

Our vision is to develop unique software solutions that advance sustainable development goals.

With over a decade’s experience in developing software solutions and providing technical advice to support the development and humanitarian projects in 62 countries across Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Oceania, our services show a genuine understanding and trusted commitment to sustainable development goals.

Our commmitment to our clients

In operating as a technical partner for humanitarian, economic, and social development projects in 62 developing countries across Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Oceania, we have charted an informed commitment in delivering information communication technologies that enable organizations to attain inclusive and sustainable development. With this objective at heart, our services are aligned to six commitments to our clients- technical advisory, user-centered design, dedicated systems support, transparency, knowledge transfer, and time and cost-efficiency.

Technical Advisory

We understand that not all organizations can technically define their user and systems needs. We kick-off all projects with complimentary IT consulting, where we collaboratively define the project scope and user/system requirements needed to attain your objectives.

User-Centered Design

We value the impact that solutions have on you and your stakeholders. We commit to listening, understanding, and adequately analyzing your needs to deliver sustainable solutions. Our project teams include experienced business process analysts and systems analysts who assess and translate your needs to technical system requirements.

Knowledge Transfer

To ensure that solutions deliver the required impact for you and your stakeholders, we include change management specialists in our project teams to ensure the sustainable transfer of knowledge to build your capacity in integrating the delivered solutions in your operations. We provide training and develop comprehensive and easy-to-use systems and user manuals to ensure a smooth handover process.


We value your voice and input at every stage of our services. We provide access to collaborative tools that provide you with insight into the development process, milestones, and tasks required to complete the project. This gives you up-to-date feedback on the status of the solution at any point in time.

Time and Cost Efficiency

For every project, we believe that our clients needed a solution yesterday. Thus, we prioritize the timely and cost-efficient delivery of solutions. To deliver on this promise, we include certified MIS project managers in our project teams to ensure adherence to timelines, deliverables, and indicative costs.

Dedicated Systems Support

Because of the critical nature of the solutions in your operations, we provide 24/7 support services to reduce the impact of system downtimes when solutions are deployed. Also, our system solutions come with up to a 12-months warranty.

Our commitment to sustainability

As a United Nations Global Compact Signatory, we are committed to sustainable business principles within all our operations and projects. The ten principles of the Global Compact are critical to our business strategy, culture, operations, and our mission to advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, through the digital innovation and inclusion to advance Sustainable Development Goals. Internally, Bewsys is committed to SDG 5: Gender Equality, SDG 6: Decent Jobs and Economic Growth, and SDG 17: Partnering the Goals. In recognition of our commitment to the SDGs, in 2021, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Robert Okine was named the SDG Pioneer for Digital Innovation and Inclusion.

In our decade of operations, our support for gender equality has contributed to our record of 0% voluntary exit by women employees. We have 60% women representation and prioritize developing gender-sensitive work policies that ensure that men and women at Bewsys have equal opportunities and pay. To support our women in the technology industry initiative, we have ongoing partnerships with women training centers to recruit and train women software engineers for full-time employment opportunities. In advancing SDG 6 on decent jobs and economic growth, we are committed to providing full and productive employment, and decent work, for men and women in local communities where we operate. We are committed to recruiting local talents in developing regions where we exist to create a sustainable social impact via technology. We are an advocate for providing opportunities for young talents in developing economies to transition to full-time employment after completing their education. Currently, 80% of our employees joined the company as entry-level employees, and 90% have grown to mid-level and senior-level employees.

As an IT company that values sustainability, we diligently assess all projects we undertake to ensure that the project outcomes directly contribute towards the sustainable development goals. To ensure that our commitment to sustainable development is guided by global best practices, our processes and policies are continuously developed to meet the requirements of the United Nations Global Compact. In our annual Communication on Progress (COP) to the Global Compact, we describe our company’s efforts, achievements, and goals in implementing the ten sustainable business principles. We support public accountability and transparency and, therefore, have committed to reporting on our sustainability progress to the UN Global Compact since 2017.

In our sustainability reports, we share:

  • A statement signed by the chief executive expressing continued support for the Global Compact and renewing our ongoing commitment to the initiative and its principles. This is separate from our initial letter of commitment to join the Global Compact.

  • A description of practical actions (i.e., disclosure of any relevant policies, procedures, activities) that the company has taken (or plans to undertake) to implement the Global Compact principles in each of the four-issue areas (human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption).

  • A measurement of outcomes (i.e., the degree to which targets/performance indicators were met, or other qualitative or quantitative measurements of results).

Our Mission

To work with inspired people to deliver life-changing software solutions that enrich lives and transform organisations.

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Our Vision

To develop unique digital solutions for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our values

Bewsys is an environment that promotes INNOVATION and INTEGRITY, requiring you to WORK SMART to produce high QUALITY results.
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