Bridging inequality among societies through economic inclusion

Social Safety Net

We deliver efficient social safety net programs to hard-to-reach communities using digital technologies, data, and local presence. Our goal is to use technology and data to reduce costs and improve the value and quality of benefits for beneficiaries.

Programs supported by our products

Conditional cash transfers 
Unconditional cash transfers
Targeted life-cycle benefits
Social assistance programs

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Beneficiary Management Technology
  • A comprehensive solution to manage relief, conditional, and application-based social assistance, CSR, and impact programs.
  • Provides efficient data collection, beneficiary authentication, and delivery of ongoing benefits.
  • Designed to lower clients’ costs and increase the speed of implementation
Digital Identification Technology
  • Used for collecting and storing information on populations.
  • Helps governments, IDOs, and private organizations identify, target, and register beneficiaries in their social intervention programs.
  • Designed to accommodate frequent updates using mobile and web apps.

Social Impact Story

Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty

Household identity validation for social assistance programs

Digital self-service for social protection benefits distribution

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