Bewsys’ contributions to SDG17: partnership for the goals

May 13, 2021
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The Sustainable Development Goals can only be met if all stakeholders (businesses, governments, and communities) work together. Moreover, strong global cooperation can increase investments and support needed to drive technological development, especially in developing economies. A significant development agenda like the SDGs requires that everybody interested in the future of our people and the planet take initiatives in ensuring progress. Every organisation no matter how big or small can take a step.

At Bewsys, we understand the need for a better world and seek to position the SDG 17 at the core of our activities. SDG 17, perhaps the loftiest goal, focuses on revitalising global partnerships for sustainable development. It is a fundamental way we can help accomplish the other SDGs. We have partnered with several UN organisations to deliver life-changing software solutions in more than 59 developing countries worldwide. 

Here are a few ways we have contributed to SDG 17. Bewsys collaborated with UNOPS and UNMAS in 2017 to develop an android mobile application for IED reporting, to help people in Somalia detect and report landmines and explosives found within their locality.  

A year later, in partnership with UNICEF, we developed a household and individual information database to help the Lesotho government provide social interventions to their citizens during emergencies. Recently, we built a mobile application for a Palestinian Agricultural Advisory System, a UNDP project, to provide agricultural stakeholders and policymakers with accurate data for innovation in farming.  

Indeed, it is easier to achieve all the SDG goals with the help of information and communication technology. We believe our global partnerships can help in building better systems to save lives worldwide.

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