Bewsys women in tech: sharing experiences and changing the narrative

February 26, 2021
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It is the norm that more men choose careers in the technology industry than women. According to statistics on women in technology as of October 2020, women hold only 25% of all the jobs in the tech industry, despite making up almost half of the total workforce. As such, achieving gender equality by 2030, as stated in the globally agreed goals seems somewhat impossible. Nonetheless, at Bewsys, we do our bit in encouraging women to have a career in tech from entry-level to top management.

We will be sharing the experiences of Josephine Abbey (Associate Systems Analyst), Nana Aba Edzie (Associate Systems Analyst), and Georgina Sekyi ( Associate Software Engineer). As young women in the tech field, with an average work experience of 18 months, they have had their fair share of fears and struggles.

“Being a woman in tech is interesting but lonely. I don't feel like I have a community to learn from or to give to. It will be easier to relate to women with some of the struggles I face.  Growing up, I had to learn from my male friends who were more interested in technology than the females around me.” - Georgina Sekyi

Josephine and Nana Aba, growing up in an environment with women in STEM fields, positively influenced their reality about women in tech amidst the stereotypes that limit other young girls.

“Surrounded by a lot of women in STEM, I didn’t think the tech industry was as male-dominated as it is. But in my journey of developing my career in tech, I have experienced and properly understood the biases women face in this space.” - Nana Aba Edzie

“My Mum was in tech, so it was empowering for me.” -   Josephine Abbey

With regard to their experiences at Bewsys, these industrious women are pleased with the supportive environment that simultaneously gives them autonomy in their roles and a continued learning experience to boost their confidence while supporting the mission of sustainable development. 

Though there are fewer women in the technical teams at Bewsys, there is a growing community of skilled women to learn from. Bewsys’ intentional efforts in employing women and promoting an equal platform for both men and women in the organisation is highly commended by these women. Additionally, assistance from experienced software engineers and systems analysts provides a great opportunity for guidance on big projects and a supportive workspace to explore practical concepts. 

“It’s been a learning journey. Coming into the corporate world right from school, Bewsys has given me a great foundation. I have had exposure to organisations I might not have had contact with, and worked with intelligent minds.” - Josephine Abbey.

“I do think I am contributing to something here. I am grateful for the self-learning opportunities and that helps me boost my confidence in my job.”  - Nana Aba Edzie

“To some extent I feel like I have made some impact. I feel like I am inspiring people, I have shadowed some people both male and female in the organisation.” - Georgina Sekyi

From interactions with Josephine, Nana Aba, and Georgina, it is obvious that so much has been achieved in terms of women in tech, yet so much more needs to be done. 

“I don't feel out of place, I am used to being alone in this space, even right from school. I think if not anything we have achieved some progress. We will need more than this progress to achieve gender equality by 2030. Women need to be informed how they can delve into the tech world. ” - Georgina Sekyi

From their experiences, they aim to contribute however they can to change the narrative about women in tech. Here is their advice to young girls:

“Let your work speak for itself. Do not let your confidence limit you from putting your work out there. But most importantly, make sure you are satisfied with what you put out there. I wish I had started earlier and managed my time better. So don't hide your talent no matter what it is. Make sure you are improving on whatever you are doing. “  - Georgina Sekyi

“You are not alone, there are other women who started and have broken boundaries, and done great things. Be patient and define success for yourself. Learn as much as you can and know where you are, where to start from and where you want to go.” - Nana Aba Edzie

“Work such that it’s not your gender that speaks for you but the work you do speaks for you. Be ready to put in your best in all you do. Do not expect it to be easy, but do whatever you have been given very well so that others can be motivated to join. Also, keep learning because what you know is what will sustain you in your career. ” - Josephine Abbey

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