Climate action and technology

August 26, 2021
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Technology is an established catalyst for developmental progress. Technology has played a vital role in discovering fossil fuels and innovative climate technologies in reducing greenhouse emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

According to scientists, man-made activities are the primary cause of rising average temperature- greenhouse gases trapping radiation in the atmosphere. The most significant greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide-which has increased by 50% since the industrial revolution began. Innovative technologies have been produced to capture carbon dioxide produced in industrial power plants and transport it to storage sites deep beneath the North Sea. As we near 2030, projects like such will help reduce carbon emissions in numerous carbon-intensive sectors to zero. Nonetheless, the severity of the Earth's climate problem cannot be solved easily by decarbonisation methods that are implemented by few businesses.

It is worth noting that the coronavirus pandemic has progressed the achievement of zero carbon emissions. Many offices resulted in remote working and rapidly adopted technology in this shift to manage the impact of COVID-19 on their workers. However, with the discovery of vaccines, remote working has not been the solution to revolutionise the reduction of emissions. A fundamental way to address climate change is to reduce overall energy consumption. With the help of technology, homes (the biggest consumer of energy) can consume less energy through more efficient energy choices.

Several energy-saving appliances on the market are saving homes about $110 per year on utility bills in the longer term. It might just be as simple as choosing the right-sized refrigerator rather than a bigger one that uses more energy, or understanding how to apply the capacity of a water heater to the number of bathrooms,  or knowing the square footage of space to your air conditioner.

Healing the planet will take a conscious effort from us all - businesses, governments, and civil society. The energy used in powering our homes, offices, cars, etc., releases carbon dioxide. By using less of our cars, air conditioners, and energy-consuming appliances, we can control the impact of climate change on the sustainability of our planet while saving money.

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