Motherhood and career : Amiineh’s experience

March 31, 2022
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Unlike many years ago where women were expected to stay at home and take care of kids and household chores without dreaming of a career, society’s view has changed. Now, most women are juggling both motherhood and careers.

While the perfect work-life balance may feel unattainable, we at Bewsys celebrate  Amiineh Tabbicca, a sales and research executive and a new mother who has proved otherwise and has managed to balance motherhood with her career. 

When asked about how she has been able to balance motherhood and career, Amiineh was kind enough to share her journey with us. She said: 

“It's been a great experience balancing motherhood and work although it has not been an easy task to be honest. However, my journey has been smooth due to some key principles and routines I follow. 

First of all, I plan for the activities to be done for work and my mum duties the night before. I prep things to make sure that I keep myself fueled for the day ahead. Above all, 'I just eat the biggest frogs when my energy is high at the beginning of the day.'

I also put together a strict work schedule so as to avoid any distractions that will come my way. During my working hours, I have my peak working time when the baby is taking a nap. This enables me to work productively and also focus on my child when he is awake. I go all out to mostly work at night when the baby is sleeping and I have some time to myself to reflect as well.

It is all about proper planning and organization. With that in mind, one can work efficiently while performing your mum duties at home. I am very versatile when it comes to switching between devices during work from home. That is, at times when the baby is feeding or wants attention It becomes handy for me to work on my mobile phone and vice versa.”

She went on to talk about how working at Bewsys has played a major role in her journey. She said : “Bewsys has made my work-mom life very easy from the get go. Throughout my pregnancy till childbirth. I am really proud to work with a firm that supports women's growth under the ultimate goal – Gender Equality. Bewsys offers so many opportunities for work with regards to maternity leave, flexible working hours as well as effective communication. This firm constantly motivates me to be a better mom and employee even during remote working. Thank you Bewsys for encouraging me to strive harder as a new mom!

As a woman, you can own both identities –  be a mom, and a career woman. However, in order to balance both, it is all about proper planning and organization. Endeavour to support, embrace and celebrate the social, economic and cultural achievements of women around you. 

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