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Never waste a crisis: companies invest to recover better from Covid-19

June 24, 2020
5 min read
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Bewsys was featured in a news article by the UN Department of Communications. Below is the excerpt from the news article:

Robert Okine, CEO of Bewsys, a Ghana-based developer of information technologies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, said companies should continuously consult workers, using the Global Compact’s 10 principles as a guide.

“There is a need to be sensitive to the demographic groups that work in the business as the pandemic goes beyond health to affect our cultural and social lifestyle,” he said.  “The result is a much better balance of cost and employee welfare.”

Bewsys has set up its mostly female staff to work remotely from home with flexible hours to attend to domestic responsibilities.  In return, employees volunteer to divert their transport allowances to pay for mobile data, greatly reducing the company’s operating costs.

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