Sena's Bewsys experience

July 12, 2022
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According to Sena Michelle, after completing her National Service, she embarked on a mission to find a company that creates meaningful impact and aligns with her goals and values which she could be a part of. In her search, she stumbled upon Bewsys and put in an application. After a series of processes, she joined Bewsys in October 2021 as a Marketing Executive.

I was excited about starting at Bewsys. I liked the thought of being a part of something bigger than myself. Understanding that, through my work, I could impact many lives and play my role towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals was fulfilling for me.” she said when asked how she first felt about joining Bewsys.

She added that she believed Bewsys was a good fit for her because its mission is to work with inspired people to deliver life-changing software solutions that enrich lives and transform organisations. 

“I wondered what working in a fully remote environment would feel like. However, Bewsys has delivered such a seamless experience from onboarding till date that I sometimes forget we run a remote system” she shared. 

As a young individual, it is essential to find opportunities that enable you to grow and develop in all facets of your life. When asked what she likes most about the Bewsys environment, she spoke about how the company is one that truly cares about employee growth and development. Looking back at the past nine months, she described her experience as a learning process where she has had to acquire new skills concerning her job role and unlearn others. She went on to say that she has had the opportunity to take numerous courses and read life-changing books and materials because of the learning and growth culture at Bewsys. She mentioned that this has positively impacted her work and personal life.

“Although Bewsys is a challenging environment, every strategy or decision undertaken is for the betterment of both company and individual. I have had the opportunity to improve my technical and soft skills in these few months. Working at Bewsys has helped me to not only advance in the field of marketing but extend my knowledge acquisition to other fields such as product research, social impact, software, corporate partnership, and advocacy for the sustainable development goals amongst others. I have achieved this with the aid of the awesome team at Bewsys, who are always willing to extend a helping hand and guide me through my journey. Indeed, joining Bewsys last year has been one of the best decisions I have made.

She concluded by sharing that Bewsys defies the odds on the issue of remote working and achieving the sustainable development goals in Ghana and Africa. There is a notion that Africa can begin to play its role in the future. However, the current impact being created by Bewsys through its digital solutions suggests that the time is now, not tomorrow.

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