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Background: Liberia's Environmental Protection Agency required a structural review, particularly for its financial management. A project spearheaded by the EPA called the National Adaptations Plan (NAP) was instituted as a Green Climate Funded project to support Liberia’s medium-term investment planning for its sectors that were considered climate-sensitive. This project and its associated use of large funds made it necessary for an accounting system to be developed to simplify and upscale the financial management of the project. 

Solution: Bewsys reviewed the manual financial processes and workflows of Liberia’s EPA for the development of a digital accounting system. The digitalisation featured a web-based database monitoring system, a web-enabled integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  as well as the development of an HR management system. The Bewsys team also provided training and capacity building activities to support the EPA staff in navigating these newly built systems.

Impact: Success was recorded from the implementation of this new system as it facilitated ready access to international funding, developing and enhancing the skills of the workers at EPA, and overall, contributing to the aim of the EPA’s program to promote sustainable development through reasonable climatic activities. 

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Impact Strategy Consulting
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