CII Partnership Summit : “Industry 5.0: The Factory of the Future,”

December 16, 2021
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The CII Partnership summit 2021 took place from 13-15 December. The purpose of this year’s summit was to further the agenda of strengthening partnerships and shaping new economic collaborations between countries as well as among businesses. 

There were more than 200 speakers from 40+ countries in over 50 sessions including 8 country sessions spread over three days. Thirty(30) Indian and Overseas Ministers, 25 Global CEOs and more than almost 100 Heads of institutions/industry leaders/experts including over 50 exhibitors at the Virtual Investment Pavilion and 7000 participants from around 100 countries joined this year’s summit..  

The Founder and CEO of Bewsys, Robert Okine was amongst the speakers for the session held on 14th December 2021. With the theme “Industry 5.0: The Factory of the Future,” the session discussed collaborations in 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things  and other ICT, along with the potential for combining manufacturing and services for driving competitive excellence. 

Robert Okine brought participant’s attention to how discussions on technological transformations seemed to be very futuristic before the pandemic. He stated that the pandemic has demonstrated that the future is now, which has motivated and even required businesses to leverage digital technologies to survive and thrive.

In relation to the effects of the pandemic, he remarked that businesses needed to adopt some iterative approaches in their pandemic recovery or business continuity plans and strategies.

To buttress his point on adopting approaches in business, Robert said “I have witnessed this within my own company, Bewsys, where digital innovations we were aspiring to launch in 2025 will be released in 2022 because the pandemic has changed the nature and dynamics of work across industries”. 

Robert believes that ICT will be a critical accelerator for driving innovation and competitive excellence in all sectors, from manufacturing to services post-pandemic.

According to Robert, the success of tech-based operations also depends on other related services, including digital technology services, R&D, logistics, and marketing.  He explained how technology alone is not enough for Bewsys success because the business operates in a market environment where decisions are made about customers, suppliers, employees, and external stakeholders.

Additionally, Robert shared how services like research and development  and marketing are essential to profitably navigating the business environment. These services have positioned Bewsys for success by allowing the business to know its customers, project market demand and develop new products that align with the SDGs and needs of customers. 

To access the video recording of the session, visit the CII HIVE platform to appreciate further information on the discussion. 

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