Migrating to remote work at Bewsys

April 29, 2020
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At Bewsys, our work culture revolves around innovation, quality, smart work, and integrity. As such, creating a work environment that is not limited by geographic boundaries or interrupted by unexpected global pandemics like the coronavirus disease.

As part of Bewsys’ Transformation Plan, there were considerations of implementing remote work by 2021. As an IT firm that integrates sustainable development at the heart of its operations, shifting to remote work was a plan forthcoming. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the President of Ghana announced some measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. Businesses were to continue with their operations while observing social distancing and other preventive protocols.

In that regard, Bewsys was encouraged to test remote working from March 23, 2020. A Business Continuity Plan for remote work was laid out and the daily commute to work was set to resume on April 14, 2020. With the use of digital technologies, the transition to remote work was made easier.

After Management accessed the productivity levels of employees working remotely, they decided that the Bewsys Team was fit to go remote indefinitely.

Nonetheless, some staff members whose roles require them to work in-house, resumed daily commute to work after the lockdown restrictions were lifted.  

As expected, the Bewsys family miss working together from a central office. Here are a few comments from the team on what they miss most from the daily commute to work:

It’s strange how many ways there are to miss something or someone. I don't miss the office, I miss the people that made that place an office. I miss the things they did, who they were, and who I was to them. I miss the way they always made everything beautiful, entertaining and important. The memories I made in the office will forever be part of my story.”

- David Cobbina

I miss the morning greetings and exchange of pleasantries. I also miss the conversations and the laughs we had at the engineering department. I also miss the lunch conversations we had and the turns we took to warm our food.

- Georgina Sekyi

“I miss the birthday celebrations and celebrations of contracts awarded. This brings all of us together in a happy mood.”

- Sandra Selby-Annor

Overall, the Bewsys remote team is highly satisfied.

Remote work is a sustainable way to contribute to reduced use of fossil fuels, increased productivity and decent work, and an overall positive impact on the environment.

Join this transformational shift and let’s save our planet by working from home.

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