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We joined the SDG community of practice

October 26, 2020
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Bewsys signed to the SDG Community of Practice in October 2020. 

The SDG Community of Practice is a platform for sustainable development contributors and partners to connect, encourage, engage, support, share, learn and receive information on best practices and direction to advance the 2030 agenda and sustainable development goals.

This community brings together entities across civil society, businesses, and governments, including non-governmental organisations, for-profit businesses, higher ed institutions, and some government institutions. They are creating a platform to share best practices, challenges, and opportunities. As such, key stakeholders can leverage the expertise of the community and widen the impact of the development goals and this initiative.

Being a part of this network, Bewsys benefits from a wide range of knowledge and broad access to analytical products such as; e-learning courses, technical advice, and opportunities for peer learning. This community-driven approach encourages engagement with SDG-focused resources through themed webinars, conferences, and learning programs. The resources available to the community also serve as knowledge bank for curating SDG Learning and Growth programs for our team at Bewsys.
Additionally, our objective is to connect and engage with diverse stakeholders who share the mission to align business to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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