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Better World Systems launches "Alleviate" in East Africa

August 16, 2023
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We are thrilled to unveil a transformative chapter with the launch of "Alleviate" in East Africa. Drawing on a legacy of community empowerment, Bewsys has consistently impacted the lives of over 10 million individuals across 60 countries through its innovative digital solutions

Amidst great anticipation, the launch of "Alleviate" unfolded at the prestigious Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi, where industry leaders, stakeholders, and experts converged to witness the dawn of a new era in social protection. "Alleviate" is set to revolutionize beneficiary management, reshaping the landscape of social protection with its comprehensive digital platform.

Kicking off the event, Mr. Ulrich Gros, a Non-Executive Director of Bewsys, delivered an inspirational opening address, setting the tone for an occasion dedicated to showcasing the remarkable potential of "Alleviate."

In a comprehensive presentation, Harriet Mate-Kole, our esteemed Marketing Director, provided attendees with an insightful overview of "Alleviate's" multifaceted capabilities. This innovative software marks a pivotal step forward in enhancing the beneficiary experience within social protection programs. By consolidating essential services onto a unified digital platform, "Alleviate" streamlines service delivery, ensuring that beneficiaries receive optimal care and support.

Our visionary CEO, Robert Okine, underscored the core principle driving "Alleviate" – purposeful impact. He emphasized the imperative of channeling resources towards tangible benefits for beneficiaries and the communities they belong to. Mr. Okine extended a heartfelt invitation to international development partners, urging them to leverage the invaluable insights offered by "Alleviate" to elevate decision-making processes and enhance the efficacy of program management.

Addressing government agencies responsible for social protection, Mr. Okine emphasized the urgency of embracing "Alleviate's" Software as a Service (SaaS) model over conventional custom solutions. The software's rapid implementation, informed by continuous research across 60 project countries, mitigates delays that could compromise the well-being of those in need.

For NGOs seeking funding, "Alleviate" presents a streamlined approach to capturing beneficiary data and generating impactful reports. This not only simplifies donor engagement but also aligns with the demand for transparent and measurable outcomes.

For corporate entities committed to corporate social responsibility, "Alleviate" offers tools to directly engage with beneficiaries and provide sustainable support that addresses community needs.

Furthermore, Bewsys extended an invitation to fellow technology companies to collaborate in integrating their solutions with "Alleviate," addressing the growing demand for comprehensive and innovative social protection systems.

As "Alleviate" resonates across East Africa, Bewsys reinforces its position as a global leader in delivering transformative solutions that empower communities. Through "Alleviate," we not only present a comprehensive software solution, but also catalyze a resounding call to embrace digital innovation for fortified social protection endeavors.

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